Senslytics’ CausX AI™ allows you to diagnose high stakes issues in energy systems early :

  • Stop pipeline corrosion before an incident
  • Get early and dependable reservoir fluid property estimates with mudgas logs

Utilizing artificial intelligence for early detection in energy systems remains a struggle for multiple reasons.

  1. There are limited examples of events. This results in too little data to train a model.
  2. Significant delay between a cause and the resulting effect prevents models from seeing correlation.
  3. Probabilistic models can't identify critical failures. Definitive answers are needed for forewarning events with high stakes.

CausX AI was developed with a data-light approach, making definitive predictions with a handful of data sets.

Unlike traditional machine learning, CausX AI combines existing data with codified subject matter expert (SME) knowledge to identify the most relevant factors for understanding each situation.

CausX AI can identify the cause of an event using situation signatures and validates data through multiple views. It then generates conclusions that are more definitive any than probabilistic approach.

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Unlike most machine learning applications, Senslytics’ CausX AI platform is:

  • Definitive: the AI knows when it has a reliable interpretation and when it does not
  • Explainable: reasoning is provided for all conclusions
  • All-Encompassing: understands "outlier" behavior

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Future Use Cases

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Implementing CausX AI to build a new solution is a streamlined 6 step process :