Relevance aware Intuition Technology for a Emergency Free World

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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Senslytics is carving a new space "IoT driven Analytics".

  • Our belief

    We believe that emergency is NOT an accident, it happens from well coordinated set of events; just that these events happen in an "unobserved space". With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT), more and more of these obscure spaces will be visible.

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  • Our approach

    We can collect the relevant data from various structured and unstructured data sources and then apply data science to predict emergencies. Our vision is to reduce emergencies from happening and possibly prevent emergencies altogether. Monitoring the "context state" and projecting possible noncompliance, failure or emergencies and with great precision is the key.

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  • The result

    Currently our patent pending, configurable software platform 5.5 Sense Suite focuses on providing two key Use Case solutions:

    ● Real Time Equipment Failure Monitoring and Emergency Prevention through Predictions for Oil and Gas sectors
    ● Compliance­As­A­Service through IoT Analytics for any industry and regulatory bodies

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Built using Java and Oracle technologies the application uses the best and most powerful platforms available today.

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In addition to proving with advanced notifications, the platform also assist with compliance.

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Deployment models

Multiple ways to deploy the application to suite your needs.

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Packed Full of Powerful Features

We intend to build a Sixth Sense Suite but looking at the current state of the technology, we named our product 5.5 Sense Suite. With time and effort iteration we hope to reach to Sixth Sense product one day.
The platform has three major components, Data Dendrons, Prognosis Platform and Wisdom Engine. Similar to our nervous system Data Dendrons collect data from different structured and unstructured sources, Prognosis platform acts like the spinal cord where different rules are applied enabling proper filtering, handling and directing-redirecting of data and finally Wisdom Engine acts like our brain generating predictions and intuitions on any given situation.

● Big Data Compliant: The system is inherently capable of analyzing unstructured fast moving data (such as Sensor generated data from the equipments) and storing only the relevant data in a NO­SQL database. The unstructured data can be collected from Historian database or any IOT platform.
● IOT Compliant: The suite is built with flexibility to adopt the IOT standards that are being led by different standards bodies in the world today, such as IEEE, AIOTI. The IOT standards compliance will give easy message access for connecting with sensors and actuators in order to ensure the safety of an equipment or a series of equipments in tandem.
● Configurable: The application is configurable and easy to use. Different types of rotary equipments from different manufacturers can be added easily to be monitored. The sensors that gives the "performance degradation status" of any equipment can be configured for feeding appropriate data to the Analytics Engine.
● Modular: The Application has several modules. Depending upon the business needs, some modules can be activated. Licenses fees are accessed only for the activated modules.
● Scalable: The Application has well defined APIs. The APIs can be integrated with other external applications. The System is designed with Scalability in mind. The structured and unstructured database tier, security tier, provisioning tier and the service tier are all built with the capability of expansion and scalability.
● Secured and Compliant: The system is secured and is configurable to be compliant with the company practice as well as the regulatory guidelines of the country.
● Mobile friendly: The presentation layer of the application is mobile friendly so any executive or the plant manager can know the status of the equipments in an oil rig operation, even when on the move.


5.5 Sense Suite is 100% Java and Oracle Technology compliant. Also it is designed to be very flexible in terms of deployment and can adopt any of the below possible deployment approach:

1. Private Cloud or Public Cloud
2. Inside Client’s network as a server or Virtual Machine
3. OEM­in­a­Box

Team Senslytics

  • Rabindra Chakraborty: President and Board Member, Senslytics

    Dr. Rabindra Chakraborty leads the building of Senslytics and oversees its overall operation and product development. He has also been involved from the inception of Catalyst in forming Catalyst into a multinational IT company.Before joining Catalyst, Rabindra directed the technology and solution implementation efforts as the Vice President of Engineering for Airframe Inc., and as a founding team member of Versada Networks. Rabindra holds multiple patents and has written numerous technical papers published in International Journals and Conferences. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and has been named to the International Executive Guild's "Who's Who," "Who's Who in America," and Marquis’ “Who's Who in America.” Rabindra holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.

  • Anupam Awasthi: Founder & Board Member, Senslytics

    Anupam Awasthi is one of the Founders and Board Members of Senslytics and ensures the investment and industry level business development for the Senslytics corporation. Anupam is also the Co­Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Catalyst Business Partners and Catalyst Business Solutions. Prior to founding Catalyst in 2002, Anupam was Director of the Professional Services Team for Qwest Cyber Solutions (QCS)—a joint venture between KPMG Consulting and Qwest Communications, and the largest ASP in the United States. Anupam sits on the board of Atlas One Financial, a private wealth management firm. He has an MBA from National University in California and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Menlo College in California.

  • Amol Awasthi: Founder & Board Member, Senslytics

    Amol Awasthi is one of the Founders and Board Members of Senslytics. Amol oversees the functioning of the Senslytics and ensures the funding and priority of the corporation is aligned towards its vision. He also serves as the Co­Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Catalyst. Amol oversees and manages general operations including Global Support, Managed Services, and Delivery. Amol sits on the Board of Be Globe Middle East LLC, a Technology Solutions company for the Telco industry. Before joining Catalyst, Amol managed Customer Relations for American Reprographics Company where he was responsible for IT infrastructure, vendor relations, and customer support. Amol has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pune, India.

  • Jay Kalra: Founder & Board Member, Senslytics

    Jay Kalra is one of the Founders and Board Members of Senslytics. Jay ensures the quality of development of Senslytics software product in terms of architecture, infrastructure and functionality. Jay Kalra is also the Vice President of Catalyst, where he manages IT infrastructure, internal applications, global procurement, technology projects and the data center for Catalyst. Prior to joining Catalyst, Jay was responsible for the IT organization at Systech Integrators. In addition, he founded ENEXTECH, an IT solutions company and serves in a number of senior management positions with various companies. He has a Bachelors degree in Physics from Punjab University, India. He is an active board member of A3 Services LLC and SAI LLC.

  • Development Team

    The product development team in Senslytics is broken into four major groups:

    ● Data Dendron Team: The team is responsible to collect that structured, unstructured, semi structured or streaming data seamlessly from various data sources.
    ● Prognosis Platform Team: This team ensures the real time processing of the collected data through filtering noise, reformatting and engaging upstream components of the proper suite for proper handling of the intelligence components.
    ● Wisdom Engine Team: This team generates composite insights from the intelligence component collected from prognosis platform.
    ● Mobile Team: Mobile team can present the insight and pertinent information in various mobile platforms.

News Feed

● Feb 15, 2015: Senslytics starts designing patent pending product.
● April 27, 2015: Senslytics speaks on Compliance at IEEE P2413 IoT Workgroup at Grenoble, France
● May 19, 2015: Senslytics engages as panelist at IEEE Startup event in the Bay Area ­ discusses the need of IoT driven Compliance.
● June 1, 2015: Senslytics joins IEEE to shape IOT Architecture.
● June 10, 2015: Second patent is filed.
● July 29, 2015: Senslytics is elected to chair the Compliance element architecture in IEEE IoT P2413 initiative
● August 10, 2015: Silicon India names Senslytics as one of the 20 most promising IoT service providing companies

Work with us

Direct Employment Opportunities


Job Title: Predictive Intelligence Analyst
Location: San Jose, CA
Compensation: Per experience and standard benefits per corporate policy

Job Duties:

  • Performing coding, use case preparation, specifications writing, writing user manual, debugging, and ensuring functioning of the development environment
  • Expanding and/or modifying predictive analytics algorithm library to enable new prediction services for each industry use case
  • Synthesize methodology and data about Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics technology domain into actionable strategy and communicate the findings to the management
  • Develop, document and revising system design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards.

Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering or other closely related discipline
  • Upto 2 years of experience in the area of big data, data analytics.
  • Programming skills around Java, Python and R and unstructured data processing will be desirable.
  • Knowledge around different Pattern isolation and Pattern matching algorithms will be a plus.


Job Title: Software Development Engineer
Location: San Jose, CA
Compensation: Per experience and standard benefits per corporate policy

Job Duties:

  • Prepare and install solutions by determining and designing system specifications, standards, and programming.
  • Develop software solutions by studying information needs; conferring with users; studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes; investigating problem areas; following the software development lifecycle.
  • Analyze and provide feedback on peer designs in an open and collaborative design review forum.
  • Be a Contributor in developing an environment of continuous improvement across product lines and development groups.

Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, CIS, MIS and up to 2 years of experience
  • Familiarity with Linux is preferred.
  • Fluency in Java, Python.
  • Competency in other programming languages a plus.
  • Startup attitude, desire to learn and accepting a wide range of assignments and responsibilities will be a deciding factor.

Please apply with your credentials at: Jobs @Senslytics